For publishers

I provide services ranging from proofreading to substantive copy-editing and editing of non-native English. I am happy to work on paper or on screen, and can accept material by post or e-mail. For details of my subject areas see the separate subjects page of my website.

For businesses and individuals

My services range from proofreading to rewriting, web editing, and research. For details of a particular service, select an item from the list below, or simply scroll down the page.


We've all sent something to press and realised only after it's in print that there's a glaring mistake on the front page. I will provide a fresh pair of eyes to check your copy and make sure that there are no slips in spelling, grammar, or punctuation.

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When you're ready to submit a manuscript to a publisher or have created promotional material for your business, it's the job of a copy-editor to make sure that your work says what you want it to say. I will make sure your style is consistent, that you haven't introduced factual errors, that you have used the English language correctly, that your arguments are logical, and that (if appropriate) there are no potential legal problems in your text.

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Substantive editing and rewriting

Sometimes it's difficult to stand back and admit that your manuscript needs restructuring. Or you might know that your writing doesn't quite work, but you don't know why. Or you may need to rework an existing document for a different audience. That's where I can help, by restructuring your text to set everything in a sensible order and make your language clear and your argument coherent. This is often particularly important for people whose first language is not English.

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If you don't have a natural bent for writing material, then ask a professional to do it for you. I will take your drafts and any other information you can provide, and use them to prepare clear and accessible copy for your readers. I specialise in providing copy for museums, whether it be exhibition texts, leaflets, press releases, or advertising copy.

Website editing and proofreading

How often have you visited a website and found obvious errors in the text, links that go nowhere, and site navigation that makes no sense? Your website is your shop window for many of your customers, and it's important that you present a professional front. I will check that the text on your site is accurate, that the navigation works sensibly, that pages are easy to read, and that graphics and multimedia files are displayed correctly, before the site is released to the general public.

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If you don't have time to carry out the research for a particular project, I may be able to help. I will take on small-scale research projects that can be completed with the help of the Internet and a university library. As a trained academic researcher, I will know exactly where to look for material and how to present the results clearly for your use.